“Loving coffee means to staying
together, smiling, rejoicing and
chatting with our friends”.
“Loving coffee means to recall the past,
living the present,
trusting in the future”.

From the past everyone draws on the sweetest emotion, the deepest experience and the most intense flavoring of our early days of life,all of them included in one unique element: the bean coffee! My grandmother was famous in her village for her coffee,she personally handled the purchasing of the beans with a trusted grocer, grinded with much care, and measured liberally in her cafè. Once I was old enough, I also had the benefit of the limited nectar, but mysterriously my cup, prepared by my grandmother secretly in the kitchen, had an aroma much more particular then the others and the taste was much more intense, creamier, in short, it was without doubt better the all the others. After taking advance for several years of this privilege, cleverly keeping quite, someone noticed, that someone is now my wife. With the candour mocking of the elders, my grandmother admitted that my cup contained the first coffee from the “Moka”machine and therefore was better, with a richer aroma and more intense. The other were served the rest.

My grandmother loved coffee.

My grandmother lived until she was 100 years and 6 months old.

My grandmother's name was Ilia.

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