TORREFAZIONE ILIA is a young company who wants to propose on your market his high quality “espresso” coffee.

We are able to offer 4 different kind of highly selected coffeeblends:

KARATHU full-bodied and very aromatic blend ,with aftertaste of cacao and a soft fragrance of cream.
FARAFIJI refined blend with a persistent taste,you can feel nice chocolate's flavour and a fruited aftertaste of apricot.
KARABAJ versatile coffee of easy understanding, you can feel flower's parfum and a very soft note of citrus fruit.
DEKA traditional decaffeined coffee which manteins unchanded espresso's taste and thickness.

These blends could be sold in 3 diferent packages:

1. coffee beans in bags of 1 Kg. Each, boxes of 12 bags each.
2. milled coffee in small bags ”vacuum packed” of gr.250 each, boxes of 24 small bags each.
3. milled coffee in “pods” in small dispencer of 36 pods each, boxes of 360 pods each.

Moreover, with a simple contract it's possible to receive an “espresso machine” with or without vaporizer.

We can produce about Kg.1400 of coffee per day.

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